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Fish Caught on the Hook Set Pro

Setting the hook can be one of the most frustrating experiences for a fisherman or fisherwoman.  The Hook Set Set ProTM automatically sets the hook for you.  It is great for that second or third rod.  It is great for night fishing instead of bells.  Here are some of the fish we have caught with the Hook Set ProTM.  The 8lb catfish in the center of the picture was caught at a pond southwest of Denver, Colorado.  The boy who reeled in the catfish with Dave Byrant’s help is the son of Steffan Tubbs of KOA.  When Dave let go of the rod to retrieve the catfish it almost pull the Tubb’s boy into the pond.

The five pound trout in the upper right hand corner was caught with the Hook Set ProTM by the inventor, Warren Roh, at Monument Lake in Colorado.

While it is always fun to catch the big fish, the point of the Hook Set ProTM is that sets the hook even when the fish just nibble the bait.  We have several pictures to show you just how sensitive the Hook Set ProTM is.  For instances, the Halibut in the lower left hand corner was caught with a big surf fishing rod off of the San Francisco pier.  You would not even know that this small Halibut was playing with you bait.  Despite this the Hook Set ProTM triggered and hooked this little fish.  The 2lb shark was also caught on the San Francisco pier.  The 3 ounce perch was also demonstrates just how sensitive the Hook Set Pro TM is.

The Hook Set Set ProTM makes setting the hook a snap.


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